Director's Message
Our holy prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said that "One who earns by struggle is a friend of Allah", (Al-kasibo habibullah). Islam gifted education for all human beings as a best source to reach to the apex of success in life. Our country is passing through the stage of advancement whereby it is the essential need to provide technical education as the main step towards the development of the local households. The fact that the world is emerging as a global village, therefore skill and technical education is the key component of every span of life. Technical Education plays a pivotal role in the development of any society. During current age of knowledge-based society, Technical Education has assumed an irrefutably significant role and that it has been making rapid developments in keeping measure with various current technical innovations and technological advancements. It is also a universal truth that confidant skilled workers could lead the community towards development by utilizing their efforts, with limited resources if opportunities are provided, they will lead and make interventions according to the current market demands and will emerge as confident skilled entrepreneurs. My message to the students is that they must learn to stay organize and make out their priorities. It will make their life easier, more efficient and will prepare them for the challenges ahead.